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BSOD when stopping debugging

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Create virtual file systems and disks, expose and manage remote data as if they were files on the local disk.
Posted: 06/04/2009 09:00:17
by Steven Crouchman (Standard support level)
Joined: 05/05/2009
Posts: 17

I am using the current release candidate (1.1.17) and have found if you kill the application that loaded the filter you get a blue screen.

This can easily be produced using the FileMon C# sample (And I assume any of the other samples). Start the sample in debug, attach the filter then stop debugging.

I have checked this on a machine with the previous release (1.1.16) and this does not cause a blue screen.
Posted: 06/04/2009 09:45:19
by Eugene Mayevski (EldoS Corp.)

Please collect a minidump as described in the help file, and post it to the HelpDesk in ZIP file. Thank you.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 06/04/2009 11:47:04
by Vladimir Cherniga (EldoS Corp.)

Could you reproduce this bug with an attached driver version(

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