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Som call back event do not fire

Posted: 02/14/2009 02:24:15
by lcp lcp (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/07/2008
Posts: 17

I download the new version of
and set callback Rule to:

fltReadCallback or
fltWriteCallback or
fltCreateCallback or
fltRenameCallback or
fltSetSizesCallback or
fltDeleteCallback or
fltSetBasicInfoCallback or
fltEnumerateDirectoryCallback or
fltOpenCallback or

set monitor path to c:\Crypt\*.*

in openfilec event add:

in postopenfilec event add:

in readfilec event add:
ProcessRequest := true

in postreadfilec event add:

in writefilec event add:

in postwritefilec event add:

then start the filter ,and open file c:\Crypt\1.txt,change the file conten,and save back.
in the log,
i can see the openfilec ,postopenfilec,writefilec events be fired
but the readfilec,postfilec events do not fired


I attach the test file.Can you help me?

[ Download ]
Posted: 02/14/2009 06:00:39
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

Please specify what is the editor for your c:\crypt\1.txt file.
Posted: 02/14/2009 20:23:59
by lcp lcp (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/07/2008
Posts: 17

I open the c:\Crypt\1.txt with notepad.exe , ultraEdit.exe or word.exe

the result log is all the same.

openfilec ,postopenfilec,writefilec events be fired

readfilec,postreadfilec and postwritefilec events not be fired
Posted: 02/17/2009 05:07:26
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

I have added a sample based on CBFilter FileMon project and a driver binary. Would you make the same tests with an attached sample.

[ Download ]
Posted: 02/17/2009 22:05:53
by lcp lcp (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/07/2008
Posts: 17

Yes,use your new sample,i can see the readfilec,postreadfilec and postwritefilec events be fired.It is ok.

I know that the new sample has the new kernel driver version
But if i use the original sample with the new kernel driver,it is not ok.

Posted: 02/22/2009 14:50:56
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

Sorry for the delay with answer. It was an error in VCL code, so it will be fixed in the nearest build (this week i'm sure). Thanks for your help.



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