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Setx - problem

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A component to control process creation and termination in Windows and .NET applications.
Posted: 02/19/2008 02:07:15
by Marcin Zreda (Basic support level)
Joined: 06/01/2007
Posts: 9

Strenge but...

CallBack FileSytem .net 2.0, C#

I have successfully develop Virtual Drive it is working, but :) my admins uses setx.exe in windows login scripts, this is software from MS Windows resource kit (http://www.ss64.com/nt/setx.html).
It permanently hangs when launched, no carre about arguments. When i've stopped Cbfs drive it works :)

Any thoughts ?
Posted: 02/19/2008 02:18:42
by Marcin Zreda (Basic support level)
Joined: 06/01/2007
Posts: 9

Ok problem solved, if there will be someone who face this strange situation below is a solution:

Setx.exe from WinNT 4.0 (file date - 1996) have bug, please download
from windows 2000 it works with CallBack File System.



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