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Copy file raise "Can't read from the source file or disk"

Posted: 04/22/2016 11:31:53
by Sylv M (Standard support level)
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I've just been affected to an existing project in my company that uses CBFS, so I'm new to this library and I may have miss some things but I have an issue that drives me crazy !

Context : we use a vhdx file (we use the DiscUtils c# library). We mount this vhdx file as a drive using CBFS. Callbacks are used to track file changes (and new files) for later synchronization on a server. Filesystem is NTFS.

When I drop or copy a file in a folder and if this file is larger than 64ko it throws the "Can't read from the source file or disk" error. I've tried to launch the Mapper sample and don't reproduce this.

I've searched through this forum and found several threads about this error but nothing that match my problem exactly.

I used Process monitor to help locate the problem and it's during WriteFile .

The error always occurs with files > 64ko but I've found while debugging that it happens even with very small file (1ko) if I stay too long on my breakpoint in the writefile callback.

MountMedia is called with timeout = 30000

Do you have any hint to help me find the problem ?

Thanks in advance,
Posted: 04/22/2016 11:47:30
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

Technical Support is provided to customers with the linked Support Access Ticket. You will find your Support Access Ticket together with all the details about how to use it in the registration e-mail that we’ve sent to you upon the purchase. The procedure of linking the Support Access Ticket is described in the registration e-mail as well.

I am afraid that without the Support Access Ticket linked we won't be able to assist you. Thank you for understanding.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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