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Hyde copying dialog

Posted: 01/04/2016 10:40:07
by vandernyt (Basic support level)
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Hello, guys!
I'm using the cbfs driver for encrypting folder content.
And when I drag and drop a file, there are 2 dialogs appear in the screen simultaneously. My custom dialog with question: "Do you want to encrypt the file?" and window's copying dialog. But I want to hide the copying dialog until a user presses "Yes" button in my dialog.
Note what there is no copy operation since my dialog stops execution until a user clicked on "Yes" button. Meanwhile the copying dialog is only shown on the screen. But I want to hide it and from task bar too.
By this way I show my dialog:
void CbFsCreateFile()
if (fileInfo->get_UserContext() == nullptr) {
  ShowMyDialog(); // Get stuck here.
// ...

Can I do such manipulations with the copying dialog via cbfs callbacks? Or do I have a possibility to show my custom dialog before the copying dialog?

Again in a few words:
1. Show only my dialog with question: "Do you want to encrypt the file?".
2. If result is "Yes" - show copying dialog and proceed copy operation. Else - stop copying.

Thanks for help:)
Posted: 01/04/2016 10:48:58
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

The copy dialog is shown by Explorer.

I am afraid there's not much you can do besides finding the window of that dialog box using WinAPI methods and temporarily hiding that window. Note, that in different versions of Windows the dialog box will likely have different caption and even different window classes. Also you need to pay attention to what dialog you are hiding as the user can be copying several files to different destinations (so there could be multiple dialogs).

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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