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CBFS is freezed for few second

Also by EldoS: CallbackFilter
A component to monitor and control disk activity, track file and directory operations (create, read, write, rename etc.), alter file data, encrypt files, create virtual files.
Posted: 09/10/2015 04:23:51
by Sungkun Choi (Standard support level)
Joined: 11/24/2009
Posts: 13

Callback File Function is freezed for few second(3 - 6 seconds) frequently.

I tried to download and save file using Internet Explorer.
And It is not the problem related to Internet Explorer because other application
such like outlook.exe and chrome.exe... have the same problem.

Below is example logs.

Log Cloumn

Takes 4 seconds
[2015-09-10 16:56:21][9816][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsCloseFile] Leave. \work\00. management\81. Card\Payment\2015
[2015-09-10 16:56:25][10928][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsGetFileInfo] enter. \desktop.ini

Takes 4 seconds
[2015-09-10 17:00:29][9816][DEBUG][explorer.exe] [CbFsCloseFile] Leave. \EZis-V Manual.ppt
[2015-09-10 17:00:33][3536][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsGetFileInfo] enter. \EZis-V Manual.ppt

Takes 5 seconds
[2015-09-10 17:01:28][11196][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsGetFileInfo] leave. \EZis-V Manual.ppt. FileExists : 0
[2015-09-10 17:01:33][10888][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsGetFileInfo] enter. \EZis-V Manual.ppt

Takes 5 seconds
[2015-09-10 17:02:35][12180][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsGetFileInfo] leave. \EZis-V Manual.ppt. FileExists : 0
[2015-09-10 17:02:40][7936][DEBUG][iexplore.exe] [CbFsGetFileInfo] enter. \EZis-V Manual.ppt

CBFS Option Configruation


Do you have any idea what is the problem??
Posted: 09/10/2015 04:31:47
by Sungkun Choi (Standard support level)
Joined: 11/24/2009
Posts: 13

[Addintional Information]

CBFS Version 5.1.163
Posted: 09/10/2015 04:59:29
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)

Thank you for contacting us. Is the problem reproducible with the Mapper (or another) CBFS sample?
And, if possible, please collect logs with Process Monitor from sysinternals.com and give it to me. Set there a filter like "Path"->"begins with"->"X:", where "X:" is a drive letter for your CBFS virtual disk. Then reproduce the problem and save the log in the Process Monitor native format.

Posted: 09/10/2015 05:24:40
by Sungkun Choi (Standard support level)
Joined: 11/24/2009
Posts: 13

Thanks for your rapid response.

I Think I found the reason.
After turn off Kaspersky Realtime Protection, freezing is not occrred any more.
If freezing happen again, I will send Process Monitor Log.

Thank you again.



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