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Add "CbFsFileInfo.RenameOrMoveFile" flag similar to "CbFsFileInfo.DeleteFile"

Posted: 02/11/2015 06:00:48
by VoxPopuli Robot  (Team)

CbFsFileInfo.DeleteFile is very useful information: DeleteFile=true in OnCloseFile says that OnDeleteFile will be invoked after OnCloseFile, so we can save some specific context information allocated in CbFsFileInfo.UserContext and free it in OnDeleteFile.
OnRenameOrMoveFile callback comes without similar information, but specific context information is still required. We must keep this information allocated separately, manage it asynchronously some time a free it after timeout (little complicated thing, because this information contains session/user specific informations for network redirectors etc., we must correctly handle user-logout and other potentially collision situations).
So adding CbFsFileInfo.RenameOrMoveFile would be nice.
Sorry for my English. :)

If you like the idea, vote for it on https://www.eldos.com/cbfs/wishlist.php



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