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Active Directory GPO deployment

Posted: 03/06/2014 06:38:51
by Stanisław Jankowski (Priority Standard support level)
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I have an issue when I am trying to deploy my application which is using CBFS 5 using Group Policy Object in Windows Server 2012.

My installattion package is written in WIX installer framework.
My instalator works fine if I am trying to install my software manually, when the user is logged-in (client machines with Windows server 2012, Windows server 2008, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7).

But when I am trying to deploy my software using GPO then it works only on Windows Server 2012 client. On the rest of the systems I can see in the log 1603 error.

If I removed from my installation package the custom action which is installing CBFS driver, then the deployment works on all of the client machines.

My custom action is a C# dll library which requires Administator rights on startup and is using CallbackFileSystem.GetModuleStatus and CallbackFileSystem.Install methods.

I do not have any idea how to debug the installation process deeply and the system log entries are very general.

Do you have any experience or tips with deploying CBFS 5 driver via Active Directory GPO?

Theoretically the installation begins before any user is logged-in and it is performed with NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account which is the most powerfull local account in the system.

Thanks in advance for any advices.



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