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CBFS Icon Installation Problem

Posted: 01/04/2013 13:56:54
by Aether Works (Standard support level)
Joined: 06/01/2012
Posts: 18

We recently upgraded to the newest version of CBFS (4.0.128) from 3.2.?. We are using the Java implementation, running Eclipse as administrator.

Currently, when we attempt to install the icon, we receive the following error:

eldos.cbfs.ECBFSError: The system cannot find the file specified.

at eldos.cbfs.CallbackFileSystem.InstallIcon(Native Method)
at eldos.cbfs.CallbackFileSystem.installIcon(CallbackFileSystem.java:476)

The code that produces this problem is:

try {
   CallbackFileSystem cbfs = new CallbackFileSystem(new CBFSCallback());

   String iconPath = "C:\\Users\\Me\\workspace\\CBFS_Test\\lib\\icons\\test-drive.ico";
   String iconID = "test-id";
   cbfs.installIcon(iconPath, iconID, rebootNeeded);
catch (ECBFSError e) {

CBFSCallback is a class that we wrote. Its declaration is:

public class CBFSCallback implements ICbFsStorageEvents, ICbFsVolumeEvents, ICbFsEnumerateEvents, ICbFsFileEvents

Please note that before the above code was executed, CBFS claims to have been successfully installed.

Running the following code prints out "true" so we know that the icon file actually exists and can be accessed by Java:

File f = new File("C:\\Users\\Me\\workspace\\CBFS_Test\\lib\\icons\\test-drive.ico";);
System.out.println(f.exists()); //true

Does the callback class (in our case, "CBFSCallback") need to do anything different from 3.2.? in particular to allow for successful icon installation?

Also, how can we be completely sure that the previous version of CBFS has been completely uninstalled?

Posted: 01/04/2013 14:31:43
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

Icon installation requires CallbackFileSystem.Initialize() followed by InstallIcon() method invoked in cbfs4.
Posted: 01/04/2013 15:14:04
by Aether Works (Standard support level)
Joined: 06/01/2012
Posts: 18

Thanks a lot! Adding a call to initialize() before calling installIcon() fixed the problem.



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