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Virtual disk crash after throw ECBFSError(0x5)

Posted: 09/20/2012 03:21:38
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)

alex wrote:
1. On action mount created def folder "Root"

root folder means "\". It isn't necessary to create it. It's parent folder for all other files and directories on disk.

About the log - I see that sometimes your OnCreate callback is finished successfully when the folder "Новая папка" is being created. So CallbackFS thinks that the folder has really been created. But then from the other callbacks "NO SUCH FILE" is returned.
Check your OnCreate callback and when the request to create folder "\Новая папка" comes just return the "access denied" error. It prevents from this folder creation.
Posted: 09/20/2012 09:04:20
by alex  (Basic support level)
Joined: 09/18/2012
Posts: 6

i create next stucture
-> DefDir

it's test folder structure

i want than in root on create folder/directory i see access denied

my code


    public void onCreateFile(CallbackFileSystem callbackFileSystem, String FileName, long DesiredAccess, long FileAttributes, long ShareMode, byteArrayRef FileHandleContext) throws Exception {
        VirtualFile vdir;

        vdir = FindVirtualDirectory(FileName);
        if(vdir.getParent() == null){
            throw new ECBFSError(5);
        } else {
            VirtualFile vfile = new VirtualFile(GetFileName(FileName));

            Date now = new Date();

            GCHandle gch = GCHandle.Alloc(vfile);


but as result disk is down
one time i saw "blue screen of happiness"



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