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C# VDisk Sample has a problem

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Posted: 01/28/2012 09:41:02
by martin kim (Basic support level)
Joined: 01/28/2012
Posts: 4

- Source : VDisk Sample(C#)
- OS: XP
- Callback File System Ver: 3.2
- Action Description
Right click menu at Virtual Drive -> make a new excel2007 file -> open the excel2007 file -> some edit -> save -> Make a Hang!!!!
Posted: 01/30/2012 03:11:24
by  Victor Voytko
We are cheching the issue. Will inform you on results ASAP.
Posted: 01/30/2012 03:39:19
by Oleg Savelos (Standard support level)
Joined: 08/25/2008
Posts: 21

I have similar problem with the process hanging when extracting files with winrar to the virtual drive. I have an ticket in the support system and this might be releated to the same problem.
Posted: 01/30/2012 03:41:23
by  Victor Voytko
Thanks. I'll check it also.
Posted: 02/01/2012 00:41:58
by  Victor Voytko
I still can not reproduce the issue.
Please specify if the problem occurs only when using C# sample or with any VDisk one?
Posted: 02/01/2012 05:31:47
by  Victor Voytko
The issue with Excel hanging is reproduced.
We are looking for the ways of its solving.
Posted: 02/01/2012 09:00:30
by  Victor Voytko
The problem is fixed.
The fix will be available in next build.
But if you want to get working VDisk sample now, you need to change the AllocationSize property declaration in the VirtualFile class. It should be following
        public long AllocationSize
                return (mStream.Length);
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