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What do i need to do this?

Posted: 12/23/2011 15:47:51
by Kenan Hakan (Basic support level)
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I am trying to add this feature to my own application. I am working in a company and my manager needs following functions:

I need to add two options:

1. HDD protector which works like deepfreeze.
2. Data protector which is going to prevent writing to any external device (usb, cd etc.) OR it is going to slow down the copy process (we will define how long it is going to take to complete copying process).


1. HDD protector:

This is going to work like all data will be on fly. Anyone who use computer will be able to do anything they want. They can install applications, create documents or even they can format the drive. But; when PC reboots, everything will be back to it's previous state. You check Deepfreeze software for more information. But this will be more simple. We don't need too many features.

2. Data protector:

If someone tries to copy some files to their own USB, our software will block it OR it is going to slowdown the process time. Let's say they tried to copy MP3 file which is 3MB. The copy process will be like 10 kb per second or any other defined value.


So I need your advices here. Are these two possible to do usşng your components (VCL for Delphi)?. Which components do we need to purchase?

Please kindly advice.

Posted: 12/24/2011 07:32:32
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Kenan Hakan wrote:
1. HDD protector:

It is necessary to investigate how exactly those application do such work. I suspect that they install block-level (disk device) filter driver that redirects all read/write requests on block level rather than on file level. Our solutions don't do this - we have file system filter driver (CallbackFilter) but not disk device filter driver.

Kenan Hakan wrote:
2. Data protector:

I know how DeviceLock does this, and the amount of work invested in development is fantastic -- hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of man-hours of work. And they've been doing development of DeviceLock during more than 10 years already.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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