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Refreshing Virtual Drive/Disk Same Problem

Posted: 02/12/2010 01:24:03
by Giovanni Aninon (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/16/2009
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I have a similar problem met by Dave Wright in one of the forum with topic "Refreshing Virtual Drive/Disk".

From https://www.eldos.com/forum/read.php?PAGEN_2=2&FID=13&TID=1397%3A#nav_start_2:
1. Mount the filesystem (e.g. Z:\ -> C:\1)
2. Create a text file on Z: with notepad with the contents "1234", and close the file
3. Edit the same text file on C:\1 with the contents "12345678" save the file. This simulates the file being "changed" outside of the CBFS filesystem (e.g. on a network or database)
4. Open the file on Z: - you'll still see 1234

It has been moved to helpdesk. Can I get any updates on this?

Thank you.
Posted: 02/12/2010 02:01:20
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)

Hello Giovanni,

After the step 3 it's necessary to call
NotifyDirectoryChange("\file_name", fanModified);
Look for this forum. There are several topics about this function.
Another way is to disable the internal meta-data cache at all (via the DisableMetaDataCache call) but it causes deceleration of the file open operations and also doesn't help if the changed file is already opened in CallbackFS.
Posted: 02/12/2010 02:35:09
by Giovanni Aninon (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/16/2009
Posts: 11

Hello Vladimir,

One dumb question from me just to be sure.
To edit the file in C:\1, I created a separate desktop application to do this.
CBFS which I ran as windows service is operating in drive Z: that is mapped to C:\1 (sample Mounter code). Does this mean that I will call NotifyDirectoryChange within my desktop application by including the cbfs DLL in my code? Maybe like NotifyDirectoryChange("\filename",fanModified)? How will the desktop application know that the relative root is drive Z:?

Thank you very much.
Posted: 02/12/2010 02:51:15
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)

No, it doesn't. NotifyDirectoryChange can't be called without a CallbackFileSystem class object. So the only way I see is to use an interprocess communication to notify your CallbackFS service about necessity to call NotifyDirectoryChange.



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