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What About Multi Threading

Posted: 09/28/2009 06:09:46
by gürcan yücel (Basic support level)
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Hi All,
I need to implement this scenario;
1.I have a 3 tier DMS application. Clients connect to App server via TCP/IP (Im using kbmMW for Delphi 2006)
2.In every request, App server starts a thread, does the work, return result/result set then terminate.
3.Its also have a File service. When client requests a file, it gets from DB, first stores to file system then sends it to a client. Or when client sends a file, it gets the file, than stores to DB.
4.Application server runs as a windows service.
5.As you see the file service is also multi threaded.

1.I have to implement a secure file storages out of the DB.
2.There will be more than file storage files. Each file must be DVD size(I think 4.7GB)
3.I have totally 1.5 TB of files in DB.
4.While storing a file to storage, first user will send with the same structure. File service will determine which storage file will be used. Then will open that storage, save the file, then disconnect from it.
5.While downloading it, same structure will work. Client will request the file. File service will determine which storage will be used. Then thread will open the storage, get file to file system (this will be a stream) then will send it back.
6.Storage files must be secure and only my application may read/write.

As I mentioned, it must be multi threading. There will around 100 users accessing the same storage file at the same time via file service threads.

1.Which Eldos product do I need to use?
2.Is it possible to write it multi threaded. (2 clients wont access the same file at the same time infact. They will access the same storage file at the same time)
3.What is the optimum storage file size? How many parts must be there to store 1.5TB (100GB growing per month)

Posted: 09/28/2009 08:08:31
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

I think you need SolFS. It provides a secure storage and your application can access it in multithreaded mode. If you need access from one process only, Standard edition will suffice. If your server spawns separate processes for handling requests (unix style), then you would need Driver Edition. Please post your further questions about SolFS to the corresponding forum.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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