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CBFS not a real volume device

Posted: 07/02/2009 04:16:20
by Tie Bax (Standard support level)
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I'm evaluating CBFS 2.5.51 on a 32-bit WinXP SP3. The C++ Mapper example, run by the administrator user, seems to work as expected -- the driver loads, the media is created on c:\1, and the volume is mounted on z:\. Files may be read and written. I can view the volume's properties in explorer.

But some items behave differently than expected. The new volume does not appear in diskmgmt.msc. Nor does it show up under Storage in compmgmt.msc. If I try to create a file share to a directory on z:, it fails with "The device or directory does not exist" (net helpmsg 2116). Similarly, Microsoft Server 2008's FSRM doesn't seem to work.

I suspect that z:\ is a symbolic link to CBFS's device object. Microsoft's Ramdisk sample works in a similar way, but is also not a full fledged disk. It needs to be attached to a bus to look like a real volume. The SCSIPORT product works like this (and can have shares, etc.) but is just a raw volume, not a callback file system.

One thread seemed to ask about being a regular local disk:

There it is suggested that we should SetStorageType(stDisk) and SetStorageCharacteristics(0) to have a fixed, non-removable disk. I added these calls in the OnMount() callback, but this didn't appear to change anything.

Am I calling this in the wrong place, or is this just the way CBFS works?
Posted: 07/02/2009 04:24:43
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Yes, CBFS volume is not a real device (did we advertise anything in opposite?). CBFS 3 will include a driver to provide a device.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 07/02/2009 05:35:55
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)


As Eugene said we are working on what you want. It's expected to be done in a few months.

About the folder sharing. It should work with the current driver. At least in Windows Vista and in the older versions it works. Please try it with the unchanged Mapper sample.



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