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Vista and CBFS

Posted: 12/07/2008 16:36:43
by Brett Hunter (Standard support level)
Joined: 08/20/2008
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We are testing CBFS under XP and Vista but get different results. Is anyone noticing that when you click on a file in Windows Explorer the OnRead is fired (we breakpoint it in Delphi) under XP but not Vista?
Because the WinDDk has different Vista and XP environments - does that mean the drivers will be different for Vista and XP?
Any help would be great.
Posted: 12/08/2008 02:11:40
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)


Reasons can be different. Perhaps the Vista's desktop settings are different than WinXP has or the Explorer code differs in these two systems.
When someone clicks on a file, Explorer reads the file's resources (icon, version info, etc), that's why the OnRead callback is called. CallbackFS only forwards requests to the user mode callbacks.

Brett Hunter wrote:
does that mean the drivers will be different for Vista and XP?

It doesn't. The driver is the same for both systems. It's not necessary to have different version of it.



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