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Installing VSMntNtf.dll

Posted: 06/19/2008 12:16:30
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

a) to let the developers that write scripts for installers know the parameter list;
b) to let the developers who must use this DLL for some reason use it by linking to the DLL functions dynamically (using LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress API calls)
c) to let other developers ask what's this ;)

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 06/19/2008 15:35:57
by Sid Schipper (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/14/2008
Posts: 285

OK, I'll use the other API's in code and see how that works.
Posted: 06/21/2008 23:23:15
by gayathri  (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/22/2008
Posts: 18

One more doubt.

Installation of helper dll creates when the OS and processor differs..i guess. i mean 32-64 bit combinations.

It will be fine, if both OS and processor are 64 bit?
Posted: 06/22/2008 02:00:54
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

It doesn't matter what processor you use. The edition of OS matters (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit).

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 06/22/2008 04:08:35
by gayathri  (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/22/2008
Posts: 18

But then, how does my application behaves differently in two different machines.
The only difference the two has, is that one is 32 bit processor and other is 64 bit processor.
The OS in both the machines are windows 2003 SP1.
Posted: 06/23/2008 01:49:53
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)

Please try to install the dll using the latest product build. Does the problem still exist? If so then specify what type of the CallbackFS api are you using (i.e. .NET, C++ or Delphi)?
Posted: 07/02/2008 02:45:48
by gayathri  (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/22/2008
Posts: 18


Everything works fine now. :)
I tried both in Vista and 2003 box.



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