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Invalid Enumeration Context

Posted: 05/30/2008 13:44:59
by Sid Schipper (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/14/2008
Posts: 285

In my OnCloseEnumeration callback I test the EnumerationContext pointer and if it is non-NULL I free it.

I am running into a case where the pointer is non-null but it is not a valid pointer. I have seen cases where it is 0xfeeefeee and one case where it was 0x0000000b. It is possible that in these cases I have thrown a previous ECBFSError condition. Is there something I need to do when I throw an ECBFSError to clean up the EnumerationContexts correctly?

How is it possible for me to get an EnumerationContext pointer that I have not set up myself?
Posted: 05/31/2008 09:51:21
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

Do you handle OnEnumerateNamedStreams callback ? If so than do you handle NamedStreamContext value properly ? OnCloseEnumeration callback may be invoked in order to cleanup NamedStreamContext too.
Posted: 06/03/2008 14:50:11
by Sid Schipper (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/14/2008
Posts: 285

I have fixed this problem, it was my fault not yours.



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