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Secure pdf writer pipeline https connect to timestampserver

Posted: 02/09/2016 09:00:42
by Andras Oravecz (Basic support level)
Joined: 02/09/2016
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We're using Bizcrypto ver 9.1.215 for signing pdf files. Our timestamp provider disables the sslv3 support and only TLS will remain. I could not find the documentation how to configure TLS. Could you please help how to configure it?

Posted: 02/09/2016 09:48:19
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Hi Andras,

First of all, may I kindly ask you to attach your BizCrypto license ticket to your eldos.com account so that your licensing circumstances were visible to us on our support system.

Generally, I am afraid you won't be able to address your issue with BizCrypto 9 due to its senior age. Even if you could manage to tune-up the internal HTTPS component to use TLS 1.2 somehow, the chances that it would be able to communicate to modern TLS-only servers are quite small. So I am afraid upgrading to the most recent BizCrypto version might be the only working solution in your circumstances.




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