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How to use the ZIP writer component ?

Posted: 06/05/2012 10:38:47
by Etienne Combaud (Standard support level)
Joined: 12/21/2010
Posts: 10


I am trying to use the ZIP writer component. It generates a files that looks like a zip file. Despite it is not a zero length file, the content is empty when opening the file and Windows does not allow to extract the content.
I have filled the DestinationFile field but it does not change the result.

I have tried to find some help but there is nothing about the ZIP writer.

Moreover, can you confirm that it can handle multipart messages?

Posted: 06/05/2012 11:11:56
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

1) What version of BizCrypto are you using?

2) Are you using ZIP adapter or pipeline?

3) How exactly are you configuring the component? It would be great to see a screen capture of the properties dialog.

Multi-part messages are not supported at the moment, sorry.
Posted: 06/06/2012 09:42:53
by Etienne Combaud (Standard support level)
Joined: 12/21/2010
Posts: 10

I'm using BizCrypto - version 7.2.173 - Released October 13, 2010
I'm using the ZIP Writer component, thus it is within a pipeline.
The main issue is I do not find information about the way to configure it. I have only defined the DestinationField as I have written, the other field are left as is.

I have found that there is a field that is not available at design time but that is exposed within the BizTalk administration Console. It is the field TemporaryPath. I have put the same value used by Biztalk, i.e. the value of the environment variable %TEMP%
Unfortunately it does not solve the issue.

Posted: 06/06/2012 10:33:48
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for the details.

First, the version you are using is quite old. Please consider upgrading to BizCrypto 9.1, especially as you are entitled to a free license upgrade (we will amend our records and the license keys bound to your web site account shortly).

How exactly do you use the pipeline? Do you use an out-of-the-box higher-level ZIPTransmit pipeline from BizCrypto.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines assembly, or have you created your own high-level pipeline basing on BizCrypto.BizTalk.Pipelines.ZIP.Compress pipeline?

Normally you should only assign the SourceFileName property, which sets the name for the "compressed" file (i.e. the file that is inside the archive). All the other properties are optional and can be left empty.
Posted: 06/07/2012 04:50:18
by Etienne Combaud (Standard support level)
Joined: 12/21/2010
Posts: 10

Thank you for your help.

I will try to manage the upgrade as soon as possible, I need to check it in test environement before moving to production.

I have created a custom pipeline based on BizCrypto.BizTalk.Pipelines.ZIP pipeline component.

With the SourceFileName, I have used the value "invoice.xml", however the invoice.xml file is also a zipped file within the compressed file generated by the send pipeline. In fact the file is compressed twice.

Actually the need is to have only one zip file with several XML invoices, thus I will need to find another solution. Once again thank you for your help.
Posted: 06/19/2012 10:32:19
by Etienne Combaud (Standard support level)
Joined: 12/21/2010
Posts: 10


I have found that one of your competitor has a free community edition that contains a zip assembler. This allow to zip several messages in one zip file (based on the aggregator orchestration of the SDK) and it works fine. Do you plan to provide a zip assembler in the short or middle term?

Posted: 06/21/2012 16:57:35
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

I am really sorry for the late reply.

Could you please clarify whether you need a pipeline-based solution, or you will be fine with the ZIP adapter extended with this functionality? We are thinking of extending the ZIP adapter with batch processing that will allow putting all the messages forming a batch into single archive file.
Posted: 07/11/2012 04:56:52
by Etienne Combaud (Standard support level)
Joined: 12/21/2010
Posts: 10

I am late to reply too...

I would like a pipeline-based solution in order to use it inside an orchestration. However maybe there is a way to use an adapter but currently I do not figure how to achieve the goal of zipping several files with an adapter. In fact I did not use batching, maybe that is the reason.

FYI the competitor component has the same behavior, i.e. the zip file produced is compressed a second time.
Posted: 07/11/2012 05:34:22
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

OK, thank you for the details.

In the mean time, we have added support for compression of multiple files to ZIP adapter; this will be available in the upcoming BizCrypto update, which is likely to be available within a fortnight.

We will investigate the possibilities of extending the pipeline with this as well.



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