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Message not submitted when downloaded from SFTP server

Posted: 02/23/2010 07:42:20
by Erling Brandvik (Basic support level)
Joined: 06/26/2009
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I've just upgraded to version 7.2.169 and experience some problems. My messages are picked up from the SFTP server, but after that everything stops. The BizCrypto trace file looks like this:
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Loading private key
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Loading trusted keys
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Opening connection to SFTP server
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Running key validation handler
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: All keys are trusted, exiting
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Authentication succeeded
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Server introduced himself as JSCAPE4.1.0.6
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: SFTP connection started
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Downloading files...
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Downloading file /out/test/HEIDRUN_DES-1999-STATOILHYDRO_2008-09-22T075026_{45D155A0-1156-47D2-B94D-421EF455E924}.xml to C:\Transfer\SFTPTemp\HEIDRUN_DES-1999-STATOILHYDRO_2008-09-22T075026_{45D155A0-1156-47D2-B94D-421EF455E924}.xml
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Download done
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Optionally deleting remote files according to adapter settings
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: deleting /out/test/HEIDRUN_DES-1999-STATOILHYDRO_2008-09-22T075026_{45D155A0-1156-47D2-B94D-421EF455E924}.xml
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter: Closing the connection
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter (receive): PickupFilesAndSubmit() downloaded 1 file(s).
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter (receive): CreateMessage()
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter (receive): PickupFilesAndSubmit(): message created! PartContentType: , PartCharset:
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter (receive): PickupFilesAndSubmit(): Submitting 1 file(s).
[23.02.2010 14:31] EldoS SFTP Adapter (receive): SubmitFiles(): Submitting a batch of 1 file(s).
[23.02.2010 14:31] SFTPReceiverEndpoint::BatchInfo::OnBatchComplete() overallStatus = False

BizTalk reports:

"Loading property information list by namespace failed or property not found in the list. Verify that the schema is deployed properly."

When I'm testing the same XML file with a standard File Receive location, everything works fine. Both receive locations (SFTP and File) use the same receive pipline (custom).

Any ideas?? Really need to fix this.

BTW ... is it possible to keep the downloaded file? I've set the Temporary Directory property to a specific folder, but it seems like the adapter removes the file.

Best regards
Erling Brandvik
Posted: 02/23/2010 07:52:10
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

The adapter misses a necessary property schema. Please add the BizCrypto.BizTalk.DefaultPropertySchemas.dll assembly (available in the installation folder) as a resource to your BizTalk application. This can be done with BizTalk Administration Console.

Answering your second question, there is no way to keep the received file. Please use an additional send port with bound FILE adapter to put the received file to some disk location.
Posted: 02/23/2010 08:18:34
by Erling Brandvik (Basic support level)
Joined: 06/26/2009
Posts: 3

Worked like a charm! Thank you :D



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