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Adapters not showing in BizTalk

Posted: 03/31/2009 08:47:03
by Richard Butterwood (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/31/2009
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I am currently evaluating FTPS and SFTP adapters for BizTalk. The BizCrypto install program stated the install completed successfully but they are not showing up in the receive adapters configuration.

I followed the instructions below to enable the components but that did not help:

Activating the components with the license key

This section contains instructions about how to activate the components using your license key. To make the adapters work, you have to pass your registration key to BizCrypto.

Adapters and pipeline components for Microsoft® BizTalk® Server

The license key can be set in one of the following ways:

By assigning the license key to the BizCrypto License Key property of the adapter or pipeline. Remember, that you don't pass any file name, registry key name or anything else. You pass the license key itself (a text string).

By putting the license key to the registry under the following key:

The latter (registry-based) way allows to specify a common license key in a single place for all adapters being used.



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