Solid File System

Virtual file system enigne that can be embedded into your software.


You will find the licensing terms on the licensing page.

Use of Solid File System is allowed only if you comply to the license. Evaluation package can be used only to evaluate Solid File System and must not be used in actual software development and production.

See pricing and ordering information on the order page.

License note

When you use the licensed copy of Solid File System in your software, it makes sense to include the following note to Read Me or other accompanying documentation of your software:

__________ (name of your software) incorporates functionality of Solid File System software, which is developed by Eldos Corporation. Please note that all technical support for __________ (name of your software), including functionality backed by Solid File System is provided by our company only.

This copy of Solid File System is licensed only for use in __________ (name of your software). To integrate Solid File System with your own software you must acquire an appropriate license from EldoS Corporation.

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