Solid File System

Virtual file system enigne that can be embedded into your software.

Windows: Installing and uninstalling the drivers

To install or uninstall the drivers during application deployment or deinstallation use the functions exported by Installer DLL that is included within SolFS Operating System edition package. This DLL can be freely distributed with your projects as long as it is used with the licensed version of SolFS Operating System edition.

To install or uninstall the drivers from your main application use the calls in Solid File System Operating System edition API: Install and Uninstall.

Required Permissions

By default installation and deinstallation of the driver can be performed from the user account which belongs to Administrators group. This is a security measure of Windows operating system. You can change this behaviour on the target system by adjusting the list of users and groups who have the right to install and uninstall the drivers. This can be done in Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Local Security Settings -> Local Policies \ User Rights Assignment (tree branch), there you need to change "Load and Unload device drivers" item. No need to say that by default you can change the security settings if you are system administrator.

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