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SolFSStream.Position property


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Specifies current position in the stream.


    Position: LongInt;
    PositionEx: Int64;

[Plain C]
    not applicable;

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    __int64 get_Position()
    void set_Position(__int64 Value)

[C++ (VCL)]
    __property long Position;
    __property long long PositionEx;

[C++ (.NET)]
    __int64 get_Position()
    void set_Position(__int64 Value)

    long Position

    Property Position As Boolean

    long getPosition();
    int setPosition(long value)

[Plain C]  Return values

0 if the function succeeded or one of Error codes if the function failed.


Use this property to obtain the current position of the stream. This is the number of bytes from the beginning of the streamed data.

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