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Virtual file system enigne that can be embedded into your software.

SolFSStorage.GetDriversStatus method (OS edition, Windows platform)


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Returns information about the installed driver

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    class procedure GetDriversStatus( ProgramName : string; VirtualDiskDriver : boolean; var Installed : boolean; var FileVersionHigh : Integer; var FileVersionLow : Integer; ServiceStatus : PServiceStatus);

[Plain C]
    long _stdcall StorageGetDriversStatus(char* ProgramName, bool DiskDriver, bool* Installed, unsigned long* FileVersionHigh, unsigned long* FileVersionLow, void* /* SERVICE_STATUS* */ DriverStatus);

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    static void GetDriversStatus(bool VirtualDiskDriver, bool* Installed, unsigned long* FileVersionHigh, unsigned long* FileVersionLow, SERVICE_STATUS * ServiceStatus, char* ProgramName);

[C++ (VCL)]
    static void __fastcall GetDriversStatus( const char * ProgramName, bool VirtualDiskDriver, bool *Installed, long *FileVersionHigh, long *FileVersionLow, SERVICE_STATUS *ServiceStatus);

[C++ (.NET)]
    static void GetDriversStatus( bool virtualDiskDriver, bool *installed, unsigned long *fileVersionHigh, unsigned long *fileVersionLow, DriverStatus *serviceStatus, String* guid);

    static void GetDriversStatus( bool virtualDiskDriver, ref bool installed, ref int fileVersionHigh, ref int fileVersionLow, ref DriverStatus serviceStatus, string guid);

    Shared Sub GetDriversStatus( ByVal virtualDiskDriver As Boolean, ByRef installed As Boolean, ByRef fileVersionHigh As Integer, ByRef fileVersionLow As Integer, ByRef serviceStatus As DriverStatus, ByVal guid As String)

    not applicable;


  • ProgramName - the string that identifies installation of the driver by your application
  • VirtualDiskDriver (DiskDriver) - set this parameter to True to get information about the disk driver, or set it to false to get information about file system driver
  • Installed - on return contains true if the driver has been installed or false otherwise
  • FileVersionHigh - on return contains driver file version (high-order values)
  • FileVersionLow - on return contains driver file version (low-order values)
  • ServiceStatus (DriverStatus) - on return this parameter contians various information that describes the driver status. The structure format is defined by Windows and is described in Windows SDK.

[Plain C]  Return values

0 if the function succeeded or one of Error codes if the function failed.


Use this method to get information about the installed drivers. ProgramName is used to distinguish between installations of the driver made by different applications and to prevent the situation when the driver is installed by two applications and further deinstallation of one of them removes the driver.

See also

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