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SolFSStorage.StorageEncryption property


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Sets encryption algorithm for whole-storage encryption.


    property StorageEncryption: TSolFSEncryption;

[Plain C]
    not applicable;

[C++ (DLL/Lib)]
    SolFSEncryption get_StorageEncryption()
    void set_StorageEncryption(SolFSEncryption Value)

[C++ (VCL)]
    __property TSolFSEncryption StorageEncryption;

[C++ (.NET)]
    SolFSEncryption get_StorageEncryption()
    void set_StorageEncryption(SolFSEncryption Value)

    SolFSEncryption StorageEncryption

    Property StorageEncryption As SolFSEncryption

    SolFSEncryption getStorageEncryption()
    void setStorageEncryption(SolFSEncryption value)

Values of SolFSEncryption


This property specifies encryption for the whole storage (including directories). The property value is used when the storage is created or when the fixed-sized storage is formatted. Default value is 0 (no encryption).
Remember to set the StoragePassword property before enabling encryption.

To change the password or encryption algorithm use SetEncryption method.

If you use custom encryption, you must provide handlers for OnDataEncrypt, OnDataDecrypt, OnHashValidate and OnHashCalculate events.

See also

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