SFTP Net Drive

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What's new in SFTP Net Drive 3.0

Version 3.0 includes the following changes and additions:

  • Added notification on first connect to a server from the list of known issues
  • Added ability to use password and public key authorization simultaneously.
  • Added ability to mount a remote server as read-only.
  • Added rename workaround.
  • Added support for symlinks.
  • Added ability to automatically accept any server key (needed if a server generates a new server key for each connection).
  • Added support for OpenSSH extension to get total/free space on OpenSSH-based servers.
  • Added documentation.
  • [Pro] Added ability to map a remote server to a local NTFS folder instead of a drive letter.
  • [Pro] Added ability to block Windows special files (desktop.ini, folder.jpg, autorun.inf); all requests for such files are declined with "not found" error report without requesting the server.
  • [Pro] Added support for knocking before connect.
  • [Pro] Added ability to specify a custom path to SFTP server software.

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