SFTP Net Drive

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What's new in SFTP Net Drive 2.0

Version 2.0 includes the following changes and additions:

  • SFTP Net Drive has been separated into Free and Professional editions.
  • Added UI settings to configure actions on: main window close button click, tray icon double click, program startup.
  • Added support for password protected key files.
  • Added ability to enter passwords ONLY before connection and not to store them in configuration files.
  • Added ability to disconnect currently connected drive from command-line.
  • [Pro] Now one can give a name to each SFTP drive.
  • [Pro] Added ability to use different profiles for the same server.
  • [Pro] Added showing of bandwidth used.
  • [Pro] Added PKCS#11 smartcards authentication support.
  • [Pro] Added support for managing profiles with command-line parameters.
  • [Pro] Added compression control - possibility to turn off or on compression usage in SFTP protocol settings and to specify level of compression used.
  • [Pro] Added a setting to specify disk type SFTP Net Drive creates.
  • [Pro] Added user-local disk mode - ability to hide the mapped drive from other logged users (useful for terminal server clients).

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