SFTP Net Drive

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Activation of the license (Professional edition)


Professional edition needs to be activated in order to work.

  1. Once you have received the registration e-mail with instructions from EldoS Corporation, follow these instructions to create an account on the EldoS website (in My Control Center) and pick your activation code and the installation file of SFTP Net Drive Professional.
  2. Install SFTP Net Drive Professional, which you have downloaded from My Control Center.
  3. Run SFTP Net Drive Professional. -
  4. In the top-left corner of the application's main window you will find "Enter acivation code" link. Click on it.
  5. Have your internet connection available at this step. The window with the input box appear. Paste your activation code there and click Ok button.
  6. The application will connect to www.eldos.com server to activate the license. There will be a message displayed on the screen, that tells you that activation is in progress.
  7. Once activation is complete, you will be informed about this with another message.
  8. Restart the application. After the application is restarted, it works in licensed mode.
When the application is activated, the "Enter activation code" link is not present in the main window, and About box displayes licensed user name.


The number of activations is limited by your license, so it's a good idea to perform deactivation when you remove the application from your computer. Deactivation is performed automatically during deinstallation of the application. In other words, to deactivate the application you need to ensure that your network connection is present, then uninstall the application.

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