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XML: Create XAdES signature

First, create an instance of TElXAdESSigner class and initialize its properties. All properties are optional, but if you use XAdES, you probably need to set at least one property.

To timestamp the signature, you need to use TSPClient property of TElXAdESSigner class, and one of TElFileTSPClient or TElHTTPTSPClient classes, which will perform timstamping.

The timestamp request is created automatically by TElXAdESSigner when signing is performed. All you have to do is create an event handler for TElFileTSPClient.OnTimestampNeeded, if you want to use custom timestamp processing, or set TElHTTPTSPClient.URL property if you want to use HTTP(S) transport. Also you need to assign the transport to TElHTTPTSPClient.HTTPClient property.

By default, if timestamping fails, no signing will be done. This behaviour can be modified by setting TElXAdESSigner.IgnoreTimestampFailure property to true.

When you finish setting properties, call TElXAdESSigner.Generate() method to create XAdES internal structures.

Assign the instance of TElXAdESSigner class to TElXMLSigner.XAdESProcessor property.

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