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Verify the references

Verification of the signed document consists of two steps - validation of the signature and reference validation. Signature verification is described in the corresponding how-to article.

To validate the references, you need to provide the actual data which needs to be verified. To do this, access each reference via TElXMLVerifier.References property, check, what data it is referring to (based on TElXMLReference.URI property) and set either TElXMLReference.URINode or TElXMLReference.URINodes (when verifying the XML document or XML node) or TElXMLReference.URIData or TElXMLReference.URIStream (when verifying the external binary data) properties.

After you've provided the data for the references, call TElXMLVerifier.ValidateReference() method. You can validate the references either one by one by passing the reference to TElXMLVerifier.ValidateReference() method or all together by passing nil/null/Nothing to ValidateReference() method or with TElXMLVerifier.ValidateReferences() method.

How To articles about XML signing (XMLDSig and XAdES)

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