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XML: Save resulting signature

After signing is performed, you need to save the signature or the signed document.

To save the detached signature you need to call Save() method of TElXMLSigner class. Pass an empty variable of type TElXMLDOMNode as a parameter to Save method. The method will set this variable to reference a newly created signature node. Use OwnerDocument property of the returned node to access the instance of TElXMLDOMDocument. You can save this document.

To save the enveloping or enveloped signature, pass a reference to the existing node to Save() method of TElXMLSigner. If the signature type is enveloping, then the signature is placed into the passed node and the contents of the node are moved to inside of the signature. If the signature type is enveloped, the signature is placed as a child of the passed node.

Next you can save the document that owns the node.

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