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Load XML document

The application loads an XML document to the instance of TElXMLDOMDocument class.

To load the data from the stream, call LoadFromStream() method of TElXMLDOMDocument class.

When using LoadFromStream() method you can specify whether you need to read the actual data for certain types of nodes from the stream. The types of nodes that you can read not immediately, include CDATA, comments and text data. This is done to decrease the amount of required memory.

To load the data you can use ReloadAll() method of TElXMLDOMDocument class (to reload all data) or ReloadData() method of TElXMLDOMNode class (to load only chosen data). To unload the data later you can use UnloadData() method of TElXMLDOMNode class.

You can close the source stream if the document is loaded completely (i.e. all data is in memory).

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