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WebDAV: Create list of users and groups

A list of principals ("canonical" user names) and groups is created using a principal backend, assigned to TElWebDAVServer.ACLOptions.PrincipalBackend property. SecureBlackbox includes TElWebDAVPrincipalInMemoryBackend class, which is used to store all principals and groups. Each principal or group is represented by an instance of a descendant of TElWebDAVPrincipal class, eg. TElWebDAVInMemoryPrincipal class.


TElWebDAVPrincipalMemoryBackend backend = new TElWebDAVPrincipalMemoryBackend();

TElWebDAVInMemoryPrincipal group = new TElWebDAVInMemoryPrincipal();

TElWebDAVInMemoryPrincipal user = new TElWebDAVInMemoryPrincipal();

// create new group

group.Username = "Group1";
group.DisplayName = "My Group #1";
group.IsGroup = true;

// Add the group to the list

// create new user and add to a group

user.Username = "user1";


// add the principal to the list

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Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum