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WebDAV: Receive values of the properties for all principals in the DAV:acl property

Such information is returned by DAV:acl-principal-prop-set report as defined in RFC 3744. TElWebDAVClient.AclPrincipalPropSetFirst(), TElWebDAVClient.AclPrincipalPropSetNext(), TElWebDAVClient.AclPrincipalPropSetClose() methods are used to request and process such reports.

First of all you should call TElWebDAVClient.AclPrincipalPropSetFirst() to perform the request and get property values for the 1st user from an ACL of the resource. The method accepts Properties parameter, which should be initialized with a set of properties to return values for. The method returns the request handle via its Ctx parameter. This handle should be passed to subsequent AclPrincipalPropSet*() method calls.

AclPrincipalPropSetNext should be called until it returns 'false'. Each call returns values for requested properties for a single user from an ACL. After all results are processed, you should call AclPrincipalPropSetClose() should be called to free the allocated resources.

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