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WebDAV: Download group of vCards

If you need to download the complete address book or many vCards at once, you can do this in one request using "CARDDAV:addressbook-multiget" report defined in RFC 6352. AddressBookMultigetFirst(), AddressBookMultigetNext(), AddressBookMultigetClose() methods of TElWebDAVClient class are used to request and process such reports.

First of all you should call TElWebDAVClient.AddressBookMultigetFirst() method to perform the request and get the property values for the first vCard from a report result. The method accepts several parameters:

  • URL address book URL;
  • Properties a set of DAV properties to return for downloaded vCards;
  • AddressDataProps a set of vCard properties to read for each downloaded vCard;
  • Hrefs a list of vCard URLs to download;
  • All should be set to true to create "allprop" request;
  • Depth request depth.