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Configure terminal settings

SSH offers the possibility to tune-up terminal configuration for shell and command channels. This may be useful if you are implementing local terminal emulator and want to communicate via a particular protocol, or if you want to ask the server to adjust the output for a particular terminal parameters (e.g. specific width and height).

In SSHBlackbox you use the TElTerminalInfo component (SBSSHTerm namespace/unit) to tune-up the terminal configuration. To specify a particular terminal settings for a shell or command tunnel, do the following:

  1. Create a TElTerminalInfo object
  2. Adjust the needed settings
  3. Attach the terminal object to your SSH tunnel


// Create a TElTerminalInfo object:

TElTerminalInfo term = new TElTerminalInfo();

//Adjust the needed settings:
term.TerminalType = "vt220";
term.Cols = 80;
term.Rows = 25;
term.set_Opcodes(SBSSHTerm.Unit.OPCODE_ECHO, 1);

//Attach the terminal object to your SSH tunnel:
sshTunnel.TerminalInfo = term;

You can adjust terminal properties (e.g. Cols or Rows) while the corresponding tunnel is active. The changes will be picked by the component and reported to the server in real time.

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