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SAML SP server initial setup

TElSAMLServiceProvider is a low-level component, which acts like an incoming data parser. All socket-related operations should be implemented by the developer. One TElSAMLServiceProvider instance is used for each incoming connection.

The following event handlers must be implemented and assigned to the listed events to make the SAMLServiceProvider class work:

SP interacts with the IdP that may have a lot of different options and requirements for SP. Usually all these options together with X.509 certificates needed for data exchange are stored in XML metadata files. Such file can be loaded using TElSAMLServiceProvider.LoadMetadata() method.

Also TElSAMLServiceProvider.SessionManager property should be set to an instance of TElMemorySessionManager class. This class is responsible for storing session information and the instance of this class can be shared between TElSAMLServiceProvider objects.

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