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Send an HTTP(S) request using SAML authentication

Major part of SAML usage scenarios imply web browser usage to redirect data from SP to IdP and vice versa and to enter login credentials. That's why its impossible to create an universal algorithm to authenticate against any SAML configuration, however a part of this process may be automated.

First of all you should create an instance of TElSAMLAdapter and assign it to TElHTTPSClient.SAMLAdapter property. Then you should set TElSAMLAdapter.SAMLSettings.Enabled property to true and implement TElSAMLAdapter.SAMLSettings.OnSAMLCredentialsChallenge event handler. The handler is used to process the login web form passed from the Identity Provider (IdP) to the client and should return (a) the URL from formís action attribute via TargetURL parameter, and (b) values for all input fields like login and password in form of input_name=value via Fields parameter.

The component parses common forms automatically, however if some non-standard form is received you can use TElSAMLAdapter.OnSAMLParseForm event handler to parse it manually.

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