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Create and build a chain

You can create a certificate chain either manually by putting several certificates to the chain object or by extracting a chain from the certificate storage.

Certificate chain is represented in SecureBlackbox by TElX509CertificateChain class.

To manually populate the chain, you need to create an instance of this class and add two or more certificates, that make a chain. To add the certificate, use Add() method of TElX509CertificateChain class. You must add certificates starting from end-entity certificate followed by it's issuer certificate and so on. Add() method checks if the order is correct, and returns true if the certificate was added, and false otherwise.

When you add the certificate to chain, the chain object creates a copy of the passed certificate and adds the copy to the list. The original certificate is not altered and it's ownership is not changed.

The second method to get a certificate chain is to build a chain from the storage. This process is described in the corresponding how-to article.

How To articles about certificate chains

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