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Use LDAP certificate storages

LDAP certificate storages can be accessed via the same unified certificate storage interface offered by the base TElCustomCertStorage class. Just like with any other certificate storage type, you need to configure the LDAP connectivity components prior to accessing the certificates.

First, create a TElLDAPSClient object and set it up. As a minimum you will need to specify an LDAP endpoint location via the Address and Port properties. Often you will also need to provide the LDAP distinguished name, BaseDN, scope, and password.

Remember to handle the OnCertificateValidate event if you are connecting to a TLS-secured endpoint.

Having the LDAP client set up, you can proceed to the next step and create a storage object: TElLDAPCertStorage ldapStorage = new TElLDAPCertStorage(); Assign your LDAP client object to your storage object: ldapStorage.LDAPSClient = client;

You can now go ahead and list the certificates in the storage. All the communication with the LDAP service will be handled by TElLDAPSClient.

Adding and removing certificates from the storage is fairly straightforward. You add certificates by calling the storage’s Add() method and remove them with the Remove() method. Note, that any changes are synchronized with the server immediately, therefore a successful completion of, e.g., Add() method indicates that the certificate has been included to the server records.

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