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Use certificate storages

Certificate storages are used to store, manage and validate certificates, to build certificate chains, and also to access the certificates, stored on hardware devices.

The corresponding how-to articles explain the usage of the certificate storages for various needs.

SecureBlackbox includes several certificate storage classes. They are TElMemoryCertStorage, TElWinCertStorage and TElPKCS11CertStorage. All these classes are desendants of the abstract TElCustomCertStorage class, which provides common access, export/import, and lookup functionality.

TElMemoryCertStorage provides functionality to store and manage certificates in memory. The contents of TElMemoryCertStorage can be saved to a data stream (file, BLOB stream, etc.) and loaded from the stream in various formats.

TElWinCertStorage provides read-write access to the certificates, contained in Windows certificate storage, Windows registry, LDAP storages, or other storage types, accessible via CryptoAPI interface. This includes access to hardware certificate storages (smartcards, USB tokens).

TElPKCS11CertStorage provides read-write access to hardware certificate storages (smartcards, USB tokens) via so-called PKCS#11 drivers (special DLLs, provided by hardware vendors).

The sample source code that illustrates the use of certificate storages can be found in the sample projects, e.g. in "<SecureBlackbox>\Samples\<language>\PKIBlackbox\CertDemo" directory on your disk.

How To articles about certificate storages

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