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Export the storage to files in various formats

You can export the certificates from the storage to the data stream in various formats.

Certificate storages can be saved to PKCS#7 and PFX (PKCS#12) formats. PKCS#7 format can contain only certificates (without private keys). PFX files contain certificates and private keys. PFX files are encrypted with password.

PKCS7 and PKCS12 are described in more details in the corresponding how-to article.

To export the certificates and private keys to the data stream, call corresponding SaveToStream*() or SaveToBuffer*() methods of TElCustomCertStorage class or one of it's descendant classes (in SecureBlackbox all certificate storage classes are descendants of this class). Asterisk denotes format name (PKCS7 or PFX).
You can save the certificates to the memory buffer or to the stream (be it file stream, or memory stream, or BLOB stream or some other stream).

If you want to select, which certificates must be saved, copy those certificates to the intermediate TElMemoryCertStorage object, and then export this intermediate storage.

How To articles about certificate storages

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