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Use certificate request

First, create TElCertificateRequest object.

Next, load the request data from memory or from the stream.
To load the certificate request, call corresponding LoadFromStream*() or LoadFromBuffer*() methods of TElCertificateRequest. Asterisk denotes format name or nothing in case of DER format.

Certificate requests can be stored in DER and PEM formats. For description of various formats of certifcate request and key files see the corresponding how-to article

You can load the certificate request from the memory buffer or from the stream (be it file stream, or memory stream, or BLOB stream or some other stream).

Third step is to validate the loaded request using ValidateSignature() method of TElCertificateRequest. If the signature is valid, use the request to create the certificate.

Certificate is created by merging the data from the CA certificate and the data from the request. For information about certificate generation see the corresponding how-to article.

For more information about certificate requests see PKCS #10 on http://www.rsa.com.

How To articles about certificate requests

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