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Upgrade CAdES signature to another level

TElCAdESSignatureProcessor offers functionality for upgrading CAdES signatures to a different (normally higher) levels. To upgrade an existing signature:

  1. Load the CMS blob into a TElSignedCMSMessage object and get the desired TElCMSSignature: TElCMSSignature sig = cms.get_Signatures(0);
  2. Create a TElCAdESSignatureProcessor object passing the signature to its constructor: TElCAdESSignatureProcessor processor = new TElCAdESSignatureProcessor(sig);
  3. Call the processor's UpgradeToXXX() method corresponding to the signature level you want to get. Note that some UpgradeXXX() methods require a timestamping client object. In such case you will have to create one before calling UpgradeToXXX(). processor.UpgradeToT(tspClient);
  4. Once the signature is upgraded, save the updated CMS by calling TElSignedCMSMessage.Save().
Note, in some cases it makes sense to check whether the signature can be upgraded to a certain level before trying to upgrade it. You can perform this check using the processor's CanUpgradeToXXX() method:

if (processor.CanUpgradeToBaselineLTA())

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Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum