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Load and save PDF document

To process the PDF document you need to create and use an instance of TElPDFDocument class.

To load the PDF document for processing, use Open() method and pass the data stream as a parameter. The stream must be opened for both reading and writing. Otherwise, the component won't be able to save the changes.

When the document is loaded, it's parsed and the existing signatures are read from the document.

The nature of PDF processing is that the document is processed in-place, i.e. the original document is modified. After the document was modified, you can apply the changes by calling Close() method and passing it True as a value of Save parameter. To cancel changes, call Close() and pass False.

If you need to save the modified document to other file, copy the source data before calling Open() method to the destination file. Then pass the destination file to Open() method. Closing the document will save the changes to the destination instead of modifying the original document.

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