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Read information about fixed documents and pages

Fixed documents in XPS format are documents, contained in the XPS package, format of which is "fixed" so that WYSIWYG principle is met. XPS package can contain several fixed documents.

To read information about fixed documents in the XPS document (file) you need to first inspect TElOfficeOpenXPSDocument.FixedDocumentCount property, then use TElOfficeOpenXPSDocument.FixedDocuments[] property, that returns TElOfficeOpenXPSFixedDocument objects, to access the particular fixed document.

Next you can use TElOfficeOpenXPSFixedDocument.Count and TElOfficeOpenXPSFixedDocument.PageContents[] properties to get access TElOfficeOpenXPSPageContent object, which holds information about a specific page, such as Width, Height and Source (the page part URI that could be used to read page data).

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