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IMAP: Select the current (active) mailbox

All operations, related to the mailbox, are performed on the active (selected) mailbox. To select a mailbox use one of SelectBox() and ExamineBox() methods.

SelectBox() makes the specified mailbox active and available for modifications. ExamineBox() selects the mailbox in read-only mode. To inspect the mailbox without selecting it use StatusBox() method.

To close the selected mailbox use CloseBox() method.



MessageText = "You have " + client.MailBoxState.TotalMessages + " messages, " + client.MailBoxState.UnseenMessages + " unseen";

MessageText := 'You have ' + IntToStr(Client.MailBoxState.TotalMessages) + ' messages, ' + IntToStr(Client.MailBoxState.UnseenMessages) + ' unseen';

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