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LDAP: Search OpenPGP keys on keyserver

TElLDAPSKeyserverClient component is used to search for OpenPGP keys on keyservers. First of all TElLDAPSKeyserverClient.Address and Port properties should be adjusted. TElLDAPSKeyserverClient.IncludeDisabledKeys and TElLDAPSKeyserverClient.IncludeRevokedKeys properties allow to include disabled and revoked keys into search result.

Search criteria is represented by TElLDAPSKeyserverSearchFilter instance. Using its TElLDAPSKeyserverSearchFilter.AddCondition() method you can combine multiple search conditions. The method accepts four parameters:

  • LogicalOperator - parameter of TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator type that defines how to combine conditions;
  • Attribute - parameter of TSBLDAPSKeyserverAttribute type that defines an attribute to search against;
  • Equality - parameter of TSBLDAPSEquality type that defines an operation to perform against an attribute to check it;
  • Value - a value to check an attribute for equality with.

After a filter is constructed, TElLDAPSKeyserverClient.Search() method is used to perform a search operation on a server.

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